Best of luck everyone!

S2000 Magician. Thanks a lot. Despite knowing that it is not a life or death situation there is an anxiety and the best part is that it’s going to be over in a couple of hours.

Get well soon S2000…!!!

Thanks S2000 Magician, and Hope for your speedy recovery. All the best everyone, hope everyone rocks here.

I am feeling nervous this time. Left 30 marks in my morning session. I hope the rest of the paper and especially ethics goes well and cover the shortfall.

Whether I pass or fail I would like to thank everyone on this forum as they have helped me overcome my problems.

Good luck people. May the force be with you.

may the force be with you as well !!

may the force be with you as well !!

Good luck guys!

Good luck guys!

Young padawans. The force is strong with you.

Good luck all. Truly I hope we all pass.

Get well soon, Magician!

Good luck to everyone!