Best of luck everyone!

I wish you all the best of luck on tomorrow’s exam.

You ladies and gentlemen are amongst the best prepared for the exam; tomorrow’s the day to demonstrate that.

The historical evidence suggests that most of you will pass. You’ll be elated when you do, and justifiably so.

Unfortunately, it also suggests that some of you will not. You’ll be disappointed, and justifiably so.

Whether you pass or fail, please put it in perspective. I was tutoring a Level III candidate up until about a month ago, when she told me that she was not going to take the exam this year. She had just learned that her mother has cancer. She’s in chemotherapy and will likely survive the disease, but her daughter rightly decided that her mom was her priority, not some stupid exam.

If the worst thing that happens to you on Saturday is that you fail this exam, it’s still been a pretty good day.

Take care.

We’re all gonna make it.

My only solace for not passing is that I won’t study nearly half as much next time around, this applies to everyone too. smiley

thx a lot S2000 magician!

Thanks a lot S2000 and thanks for the time and kindness you put in to answer all our questions on the forum at all levels !!! There are definitely more than one concept I understood thanks to you ! You are definitely a strong asset to the CFA’s candidate community !

good luck, everyone. LAST CFA EXAM EVER!

Thanks, brudda. Well said.

Thanks for your valuable contributions to this site, particularly after losing your long time friend a couple of months back. My sincere condolences and also appreciation for your efforts.

Thank you S2000!

Thanks for everything S2000magician, I’m sure your priceless contributions will be key for the passers.

Best of luck to everyone, I’m sure most of us will make it.

Cheers up!

Thanks S2kMagician,

Good luck to all of you guys, hope we all celebrate 2 months from now with a passing email.

A pleasure to be part of this community.

Jorge Luis

see you all monday! and good luck!!!

Agreed MagicMan: to add, at the end of the day, the chances that THIS exam tmrw defines your life one way or another, is remotely small. If you fail, and still have the right work ethic/drive/attitude, you will likely still go on to succeed in your career. Just like one day’s returns won’t alter the long-term value much, this exam won’t either. Appreciate the opportunity and challenge tmrw and give it the best you got!

Haven’t used these forums as much for this Level, but you’ve helped me a ton in the past and we are all lucky to have you on here. See you fellas on the other side.

Well said! I’ll try and keep the big picture in mind tomorrow and beyond.

This test doesn’t define me. Doesn’t define any of us.

Good luck, everyone!! yes

Much love for ya S2000. Appreciate all your help. Hopefully none of us will need it again.

Best of luck to everybody and many thanks to Magician.

Y’all need to take it easy; this isn’t life or death.

Last week I dislocated, shattered, and lacerated my right thumb: I’m right handed and have to start teaching (and writing) in three weeks. I was fortunate enough to get into surgery last Friday with a very skilled surgeon, but it’s still a long row to hoe. At least one more week until the pins and stitches are removed; at least four more weeks until I’m out of a cast. If you pass, that’s great. If you fail, that’s not so bad. Think long game, not short game.

I’ll see you tomorrow with congratulations for some, and hang-in-there for others.

sorry to hear that, how did it happen?

Good luck everyone!

best wishes on a speedy recovery Bill. Your articles helped me immeasurably at level1/2 (especially your triangular arbitrage article).

Take Care Magician and thanks for all your efforts… Good luck everyone… :slight_smile: