Best of luck, everyone!

Y’all who frequent Analyst Forum can count yourselves amongst the best prepared for tomorrow’s exam.

Get a good night’s rest tonight, remember your exam ticket, passport, calculator(s) and pencil(s) tomorrow, don’t get stuck in traffic, and do you best on the exam. That’s all we’ve a right to expect.

May you be favored with questions in your areas of strength.


And of course, a big thanks to you for all your contributions. I’m sure you realize how much it is appreciated, but I can’t stress it enough.

I’ve used your site a bunch as well, and it’s helped me solidfy several concepts (In fact, I think I’ve read every Level I article!). Great work you are doing.

this. we’ve been blessed to have you here. much thanks.

Exactly my thoughts. You have helped all of us tremendously!