Best of luck friends...Only 1 month is left before the D day.

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Please shut up

Rahul - are you scoring 100% on the mocks yet?

His lack of repsonse probably means he’s only getting 99.99%…

really made me laugh out loud. … comeone guys if he had that much time than us and he put in the efforts and did very well so far , we shoulnt be jealous :slight_smile: .

Btw what is the % needed to pass the exam?

34 days = 1 month?

Good luck!

Same to you.

Rahul roy, you posted a link to CFA questions and answers from the March mocks, but the answer sheets dont have the answers! just explanations… Takes forever to read through explanations and trying to figure out what the answer is… I remember you posted it somewhere but can’t seem to find the exam… Would you happen to have the answers?

i can’t remember posting those stuffs…