Best of luck on Saturday!

Saturday’s it, folks! The day for which you’ve all been waiting.

You’ve put in your time studying, you’ve gotten frustrated when something wasn’t clear or you made a stupid mistake, and you’ve been relieved when something finally clicked.

The day after tomorrow, you show the world what you can do.

Relax on Friday, clear your head, take one last stroll through Ethics or formulae or lists of junk to remember (but not too much).

Remember that the worst thing that can happen to you on Saturday is that you fail a stupid test. Compared to those who go to bed hungry every night, wake up to the sound of gunfire, or lose a loved one at too early an age, it’s nothing. Do your best on Saturday; nobody (including yourself) can ask any more of you.

Best of luck.

This is great advice. Thanks for all your help with questions throughout the year. 400 hours of studying and still just getting a 65% on schweser mocks and a 62% on the one CFA mock I took. I’m not sure if it’s going to be enough to pass, but I would sure hope so considering the amount of effort I’ve put in. I’ll try to take your advice about Friday, but I have a feeling I’ll be putting in more work. Good luck to everyone!

in your opinion S2000Magician are CFAI mocks harder than the exam?

I haven’t seen the CFA Institute mock exams, so I cannot say.


I have taken all of the CFAI mocks and 5 Full Schwesher mocks - and the answer (for me at least) was that it seemed to vary by test, but overall the Kaplan ones seemed more difficult.

I also noticed that how I felt about the test seemed to have little bearing on the score I ended up with, mostly due to the weighting of the exam. I usually felt like I did horribly but ended up consistently in the low-mid 70s on CFAI and upper 60s / low 70s on Kaplan. Just gotta hope I “get the easy one” on Saturday!

Thanks S2000.

What should we be doing today?

I’m aiming to get a good rest in the evening. What would be the best way to do a final ethics review?

just packed my bags and travel to Frankfurt this evening.

Feel well prepared, scored the last mock well above 70% (76 AM / 70 PM). Hoping for “good” questions of course.

Now I will repeat some formulas and some FRA things

I am in the same point than you… my maximum score was a 71%. I prepared by my own (without kaplan fitch or whatever), reading all the books, doing all the exercises and the CFA mocks… more than 400h, 7 months working and studying every day, every weekend…

Even if I fail, I will be very proud about myself.

Good luck guys. And remember stay calm and reed twice the questions!!

Maybe skim Ethics, review formulae, review lists of facts (e.g., steps in financial statement analysis). And get some rest.