Best of luck on Saturday!

You’ve all studied hard and prepared yourselves well for this exam. You’ve come in here and asked a lot of good questions (and a few irritating ones), and gotten a lot of good good answers (along with the occasional bad/weird one).

Now it’s up to you. Do your best on Saturday. Nobody expects anything more, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

As you know, many of you will pass your exam, but a few of you will not. For those who don’t, you’ll kick yourself for a while, and moan about having to spend an extra year working toward your charter, but then, I hope, you’ll put it into perspective. You’ll wake up the next morning in a safe place, with friends and family who love and support you, with enough food to eat and water (or whatever) to drink, and you’ll still be much, much better off than the lion’s share of the people on this planet.

That’s not too bad.

Best of luck, y’all!