Best of luck

Just want to say best of luck everyone. I was in your shoes last year and was nervous as heck. But here are 3 things I think you should cement in your mind these last couple of days:

  1. Confidences - You have done all the prep work/ put in the hours just be confident. Take other people’s scores on AF with a grain of salt. The only score that matters is on the test

  2. Read- RTFQ- Read the question- I made a silly mistake I read the question wrote my answer, re read the question and realized I answer the wrong question. I then erased my answer and then time was called. Read the question and make sure you understand what it’s asking for.

  3. Time Management- get a watch make sure you are pacing at the right pace. Sometimes people pace slow on hard questions and lose out on easy questions because they are rushed. Know where you should be at what time before the test begins.

Best of luck!

Hope to be in your shoes next year