best place to do a masters in Quantitative finance

Hey guys, i’m considering doing a 1 year masters in Quantitative Finance next year. Where are the most highly regarded courses? Also are they difficult to get into?

Columbia, Cornell and John Hopkins…Also check MIT

aka MFE add berkeley and carnegie mellon to the list

I don’t know much on the rankings on Quant. Finance, but i do know kthe ranking for mathematics departments in general and I wouldn’t consider Carnegie Mellon or John Hopkins within the top 15. As far as I know, the newest NRC rankings are still now out (delayed over 2 - 3 years) which is the “THE ALL END ALL” definitive guide to graduate level department quality. If there is a measure out theer for Quant. Finance I’d take it with a grain of salt. I would imagine the best thing to do, is to check out the quality of the Statistics department and hte mathematics department that offers the degree. Cause, chances are, the degree will be a sort of interdisciplinary thing between the two. I am myselfing prusing Q. Finance as a second major within my mathematics masters. From my understanding, alot of mathematics and stats departments have added this degree, since it has a nontrivial demand for it. A school no one has mentioned yet is NYU, I would imagine they’d be competetive at least, since they have the presitgious Courount Inst. in their box (a major Applied Mathematics center).

London school of eco is a very good option.

I wonder if Wharton has a special program in Q. Finance.

Every legit school with a business school typically has some sort of interdisciplinary program between the math and finance departments… As Serge pointed out, look for schools with strong applied math reputations.