Best platforms to trade with

Not really interested in day trading or super short term. However, would like a brokerage that offers a full or pretty comprehensive option for derivatives, stocks, bonds that is good in terms of both cost and speed of execution. Any suggestions would be cool.

Interactive Brokers is supposed to be the most comprehensive in terms of products. I don’t use them, though, due to some company related restrictions.

Restrictions as in you must only have accounts with your company? Been there done that haha. I will check IA. Heard of them before but never seriously looked into them.

IB does have great access to product. In my opinion, TD’s Thinkorswim retail software platform has the best tech.


Before my needs became more specific I used thinkorswim. Really comprehensive platform and great customer service. They are known for specializing in options. However, IB is known for breadth of access to markets and products as well as lower commissions

Thanks guys, I think I might be going with IB. As most people on this forum are aware, the more access to different markets/products the better. Climate for retail investors has been pretty smooth the past 4 years or so but I think moving forward it is going to take some pretty interesting strategies via an array of products to be positioned properly.

IB is great, and who doesn’t want 6X leverage?! Loads of different instruments and the power the nuke yourself into oblivion!!!

I’m a little camera shy

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Probably the right move. While their interface needs to be “refreshed” a bit, you can just as easily open a small account with TD, get access to thinkorswim and use their tech but maintain and execute all your stuff from IB.

My friend who trades for a living does exactly that! Research and studies in TOS and execution/ brokerage w/ IB. Keeps 5 cents in his TOS account… LOL :grin:

But yea… OP… IB is for you.


Lol yes, I have a friend who does the same. Thinking of doing something similar myself in the near future… been with TOS since 2010 so just lazy to move.

ran across my screen earlier

Opened it last night! Might open the TOS and combo it like all are suggesting. Got in a car accident last week so have plenty of free time. Also liked how they gave me a 12 question futures quiz of which the correct answer was B for the first 11 they asked. Just my style.

Sorry to hear about the accident… hope you’re doing okay? Not to keep harping on about ToS, but their mobile app is also superb too.

I like the Dow Jones News Wire in IB TWS. I’ve got the global version, with the IB Research Essentials, for $55/month.

Always got it open during the day. With everything being fake news these days, it’s nice. Ameri-centric, and rolls up to the big 5 fake news oligopoly (NewsCorp), but it’s not tabloid journalism like CNN/FOX…just the facts (mostly). There’s also a Down Jones Institutional News for $214 (dunno what the difference is?) but that’s too BSD for me.

Physically, I am OK. Appreciate it! But the lady who hit me is a 6 time convicted felon, committed ANOTHER felony by giving the officer on the scene false insurance papers. However, me being not well versed on car insurance, I somehow did not have Uninsured motorist coverage so I now have to turn to my PIP insurance which I can only collect 80 percent of medical expenses and 60 percent of lost wages up to 10k. That’s the plan for now so studying is my full time job until the exam.

I need to set up the TOS account. Probably will do that today.

That sounds rough! Best of luck getting through that debacle.

Good move on ToS, can’t go wrong trying it out IMO.