Best practice exam material

Hi everyone, Could past CFA Level 3 writers comment on which set of practice materials are the closest to the real exams other than actual past papers? I’m hoping to get some additional practice from either: - Schweser - Stalla - Other sources Thanks in advance!

you might have a tough time finding an objective response, as most people stick with one of the major names + the CFA exams. i used Schweser, and found it very helpful. i thought Schweser did a better job for the 1st two levels, in that their exams were more difficult/lengthy than the real deal (at least in my opinion). Level 3 is just a different beast all over, but I still felt as though I was prepared very well. a lot of people on here say that Schweser did not do a good job preparing them for June 5th, that a lot of the questions on the exam were not even covered in the notes, etc. I disagree with that 100%. i did not see a single question on the exam that was not covered/explained in the text. i felt very comfortable with the scope of the material. if come monday i end up not passing, that will have nothing to do with schweser’s ability to prepare me.

CFAI is the only source worth a darn. Get the old AM tests and take the mocks and sample exam.

Old CFAI exams. Afternoon is a joke, or at least it was in 09

I plan on doing all the CFAI exams, however, what if I want additional practice? What would be the next best source? CFA Jay, when you say Afternoon is a joke, what do you mean exactly, could you elaborate a bit more on it? Thanks!

CFAI hits you so hard in the morning that the afternoon seems elementary.

The 09 AM session was a complete joke, imo, compared to the whoopin stick we got this June. Given, taking the 09 session as practice entails completely different levels of stress. But…I honestly don’t think there is anyone out there would say the 10 AM session was easier than the 09.

I did both volumes of Schwesser practice exams and found them helpful. I saved the CFAI exams for closer to the real deal.

charlottekid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > CFAI is the only source worth a darn. Get the old > AM tests and take the mocks and sample exam. +1