Hi, Im kind of running out of time and want to be most effective. For previous Level 1 candidates. What are the best practice questions to use ( most similar in difficulty and wording etc to the actual exam)?? 1) CFA end of chapter questions 2) Schweser notes Qbank 3)Analyst notes questions 4) Any other thing you reccomend please HELP!!! Thanks

Good Question So far i have used shweser but they seem a little easy and i assume the actual question in the exam will be harder At the moment i can t get the Qbank to work, any ideas?

-Mock/sample exams from cfai are the most similar in difficulty and wording. -Then EOC questions -I found Schweser practice exams (vol. 1 and 2) a bit harder than the actual exam -Then Qbank for more practice Caveat: I passed (all >70% besides equities, 50-70%) in dec 08 by reading schweser notes (didn’t even open cfai textbooks), secret sauce, and doing the free sample exam (CFAI) and one full practice exam (Schweser). But from what I hear mock exams and eoc questions are important. Good luck!

I became very frustrated with EOC questions and didn’t do many of them. Some asked for short answers. Others missed entire sections of the readings. I relied heavily on Qbank while I was going through the material. However, the most exam-like questions came from the CFAI mock and the Schweser practice exam book. Also consider ponying up $150 for the Boston Society mock. It’s expensive, but very well written.