Best practice test to determine strengths/weaknesses?

I’ve gone through the Schweser secret sauce book as well as all Schweser end of chapter problems for equity and FSA. As I went through the secret sauce book I went back and reviewed areas I wasn’t familiar with. Ideally I wanted to take a practice test today, but its too late now. With the practice test I want to accomplish 2 tasks. (1) See where I should focus my study going forward and (2) Get a feel for what the questions will be like on the exam. Should I do the official 3 hour exam from the CFAI website, Book 6 or 7 from Schweser, or something else?

Best way to find out is the official mocks from the CFAI website.

stunna Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Best way to find out is the official mocks from > the CFAI website. Yup. Go for the gold standard.

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Try the free one they offer it is pretty easy/confidence inspiring. The other two are what worry me. Someone told me that (according to CFAI) passing rates for people who do at least 1 of their online exams are (statistically significantly of course!) higher than those who do not.

I’m planning on doing them, just waiting till I finish book 6 and then using the CFAI as my last check on weak areas. I wish they gave more sample tests - I think last year the level 1 had 5 sample exams. Don’t know why its only 2 (I don’t count the freebie) this year.

Agreed. I really enjoyed them for L I and thought they helped out a lot. On the upside, the level I ones are much cheaper (since there aren’t as many).

Is the freebie not representative of the actual test?

I am sure it is but there are only 30 questions, I think 5 vignettes? And there in no fixed income, derivaties, portfolio management, etc. It only covers a few of the major topics.