Best Practices for Study Group

Posted this on L2 forum but got no response. Any experience on what is the best way for study groups to function and things to avoid. Thanks

Avoid Chit Chat…specially if you are studying with a friend…

I think the ideal study group size is 1. I tried a study group for level 1 and thought it was a complete waste of time. First, you have the chit chatters. Then, since everyone studies at their own pace, everyone is on a different page in the book making it nearly impossible to really get anything done. Unless you can get a VERY disciplined, VERY organized group together, I’d say avoid it.

I’ve never been in a study group, per se, but have had to work in groups many times in b-school. The best groups I worked in were disciplined, avoided making every meeting a social event, and most of all, had a designated leader who provided direction and delegated responsibility well.