Best Practise Questions?

Cn anyone advise on which practice questions I’m better of doing if I’ve never done any questions before. As I explained in a previous post I was not able to study at all for health reasons and now I’m trying to do as much as I can and hope for the best. I havent had a chance to do any practice questions and I need the ones that will be most beneficial given the circumstances

Thank you in advance

Hey Teezy, sorry to hear you’ve been sidelined due to health reasons. I’ve been there.

I’m guessing you’re scheduled to take the L1 exam next Saturday? If you haven’t done any questions yet I’d highly recommend you do as many of the EOC problems as you possibly can. Second to that, see if you can get access to Apptuto’s question bank ($100 standard price, but shoot them an email asking for a discount… that’s worked for me for L1 and L2 and the discount was significant). High quality problems at an affordable price with a convenient mobile app that lets you grind through problems on-the-go.

Mocks are great too, see if you can do the one CFAI provided this upcoming Wednesday. Knock out both the AM and PM session on the same day, 3 hours to each exam, 1 hour break in between the two.

Best of luck!

Thanks, I think I am going to follow your advice, hopefully I get enough practice in before the exam.