Best questions

Trying to decide what questions to focus on for the last two days. Which would I get most value from doing? Schweser Sample Exams Book 2 QBank reading quizzes on weak areas CFAI EOC (haven’t opened the CFAI books at all)

i would definitely suggest doing the EOCs as they are more representative of the real thing. focus on the vignettes!!

I would suggest anything from CFAI (mocks, sample, or EOC). That makes you more prepared for the real one…

Thanks for the tips. I just started with CFAI EOC on Private Equity as it is an area I feel a bit weak on. There were only 12 questions and none of them were quantitative. In Schweser there are 37 questions at the end of the Private Equity reading and most of them are quantitative. Flicking through the rest of the EOC there seems to a strange weighting of questions. There seems to be about 250 questions on Fixed Income but only 70 on Derivatives. That doesn’t seem very representative of the topic weightings. Anyway, I am going to continue doing the CFAI questions on the main areas, Ethics, FSA, Equity and Portfolio Management.

I’m doing CFAI EOC on the areas i am weak in. have done the last 3-4 years of mocks and samples. will go voer them too. also reading and revising weak areas and skimming strong areas to keep strong.