Best real estate analysts?

Hi all, I’m trying to get a good overview on the real estate/REITs market. Can any of you guys let me know who you think the best real estate analysts are, and what some of the companies under their coverage are? Thanks in advance.

I like Green Street Advisors. The are a smallish firm specialised in research and trading REITs. Are you looking for specific names?

I’m just trying to get a handle on the real estate market, particularly homebuilding, over the next few years. We’re looking to potentially acquire a company whose business is very much tied to new home construction and renovation, so any research about the market or industry as a whole would be helpful.

Might want to talk to lola. She’s an REIT analyst.

check out Ivy Zelman, she covers homebuilders and was named again in Institutional Investor as a top analyst

OK thanks guys. Also, anyone have recommendations as to how I can better understand the remodeling market? I guess data on this isn’t as readily available as housing starts, so any suggestions you guys could offer would be much appreciated.

You might start with Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies for some basic information regarding remodeling trends and outlook.

Anyone going to the NYU REIT Conference on April 3rd (NYC) ?

One place to consider would be the 10ks of firms that cater to the remodeling market e.g. Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. I’m sure ypu could glean some infor their indirectly.

Hi guys, thanks for all the advice on this thread. I’ve been doing some preliminary research into homebuilding and remodeling spaces, and thus far I’ve been most enthused by the research coming out of BofA, Wachovia, Deutsche Bank, Citi, and Zelman & Associates (formerly of Credit Suisse). Can anyone else opine about research from the other brokerage houses? Any recommendations for analysts and tickers particularly concentrated on remodeling? Gouman, your suggestions are good ones and I will have a look at them over the next few days.

If you want some Canadian insight - i suggest Michael Smith - National Bank Financial.