Best review course

Its getting close to the exam date… can anyone recommend a good review seminar? I need face to face instruction but I want the best out there. Please help.

shouldn’t you base your review course on the materials you have been studying? If you are using schweser, then go to the schweser coarse. They do a great job IMHO. Yet, I had already gone over everything a couple times prior to the review, so I obtained the maximum benefit. I don’t know how beneficial a stalla review would be if you were just using the schweser notes. I do suggest not being cheap. If you fail and have to take the test again next year, you will spend more money and time. Nail it this year.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The Dallas 5day review is by far the best that reviews have to offer. People have told me it is way better than Windsor Week.

mpnoonan, are you going there this year?