Best Schweser Exam?

Think I’m gonna do one more mock. I’ve done Schweser 1 & 2, 2015 CFAI MC mocks, and 2014/2013 CFAI AM exams.

Anyone have an opinion on the best Schweser mock 3 thru 6?

I think general consensus here is that schweser’s exams were terrible… I’d recommend doing 2012 a.m. It was pretty tough and might be an eye opener for you. It will be better than any Schweser exam, i’ll promise you that.

The last one (6th) was horrible so i’d recommend avoiding this one. It felt like a complete waste of my day today – random topics tested and the PM section was much easier than the others. I’d suggest focusing on old CFA morning mocks and maybe doing a few Schweser PM sections



I haven’t touched any AM Schweser exams but I’ve been doing the PM versions and going back to the curriculum on weak areas for review. Reading, going over BB and EOC Qs, etc… I think it’s helpful.

That being said, I don’t plan on leaving any CFA AM exams (started from 2005) or mocks on the table. Do it all. But if pressed for time of course go with prior CFA exams or mocks.

That’s my 2c. Hope it pays off.

I did the Book 2 Schweser AM today and can’t believe it asked me to calculate Sharpe, Treynor, M2, and alpha. Without asking any conceptual questions…

There were at most 3-4 questions that I thought were helpful.

Amazing user name for OP. Trailer Park Boys ftw.

Definitely focus on the CFAI exams available in the candidate resources. I’d choose any CFAI materials over the Schweser materials.