Best Schweser L3 Instructors?

Thoughts on the best L3 instructors @ Kap/Schweser? Interested in both 1) knowledge of content and 2) teaching style.

David Hetherington, Darren Lee, Randolph Nordby, Greg Filbeck, Robert Atra, John Broussard?

Jeff Chang for President!

I wasn’t a fan of any of the Level 3 Schweser instructors personally. David Hetherington definitely knows his stuff. He’s super smart but for whatever reason, his teaching style didn’t mesh with me. Whoever the British guy is who did the Fixed Income videos this past year smacked his lips constantly and every 5th word out of his mouth was “ok guys” and it drove me bananas. He may have been the best instructor ever but I couldn’t get past those quirks.

David Hetherington knows his stuff and the best instructor to do his job. However don’t ask him questions as he would usually come back with some comments and you still end up having to find the answers yourself. He is still the best for the job though.

I also like the other instructor for Alternatives/Risk Management. Love his calming style of teaching. He will provide more updated information about the topics he teaches than what is in the CFA text.

Darren Lee is the best for asking questions. When DH would not explicitly give me a clear answer, I would go to Darren :slight_smile:

The instructor for Institutional Investors - oh God he speaks and goes through the materials way too fast, without any pauses to illustrate more about the points. But he is real fun to watch as he would always maintain a smiley face & making funny jokes, making learning CFA less sleepy lol

“No Excuses”, I never want to hear those 2 words again.

Where can I meet those instructors?

I worked with David Hetherington at Stalla and later at Schweser.

The guy’s awesome.


I like mullet man S2k

David Hetherington is no doubt very good, but no one is better than you magician! I I saw some of your videos of Derivatives while I was preparing for my CFA Level I Exam and they were super cool. I still remember you covered certain important topics (like options, futures) in just 15-20 minutes and made those concepts look extremely easy and clear. Those were my building blocks for derivatives that helped me go long way into the program. I wish I had your videos for Levels II and III as well!

I’m thinking about doing some videos for my website. With luck, I can start on Level I this Fall (for the December exam), then move to Levels II and III in the Spring.

If you want be more popular, put it on You Tube and discretely show the link to your portal on each video.

I liked Andrew Holmes for Kaplan’s L2 3-day review…

Bill Campbell III

Andy’s great!

But he still owes me a Jack Russell terrier.

I have to figure out how to do that, but that’s essentially what I was thinking. Thanks.

I had a Jack Russell once, great dog, miss him. I suppose it was a bet with Andy or he breeds them?

Ditto. L2 instructors were much better IMHO.


We met in Toronto in 2011 or 2012. He had a JRT at the time which, as I recall, he didn’t . . . um . . . cherish. I told him that we’d had a JRT whom we’d really loved, so he said that he would mail me his dog.

Every day I check the front porch for a shipping box with holes in it. So far: nothing.

he [pencil] tricked you :wink: