Best SF / Bay Area recruiters for hedge fund jobs?

I’m looking to meet some candidates for an analyst job at a hedge fund. Does anyone have any suggestions on which recruiters I should target? Thanks.

Are you Bay Area based? I will be out there in the second week of May (meeting my step-brother to go see the solar eclipse).

I don’t have any ideas on recruiters, but it could be cool to meet up for a drink if you’re in the area.

You should hire me… I am bored at my current SF job (although admittedly overpaid). Other than passing the CFA exams, I am worthless in fundamental analysis. However, I am really good at making things up and sounding credible.

Probably would mean giving up AF though…

ha ha. Are you out in SF too, ohai?

Yes, although I only work in the city (I live in the East Bay).

I was very overpaid at a previous job before, it didntseem so awesome at the time because the work just wasn’t stimulating at all. But the next job I got after that was very stimulating but then UNDERPAID, and now I can fully appreciate the previously Overpaid job