Best source for practice problems

What in your opinion is the best source for practice problems. Would Schweser EOC, CFAI EOC suffice, or do i need to get the QBank?

Honestly dude? What do you think I should have for breakfast? Would cereal suffice or do I need some toast too?

I’d say you’d be safe by going for Special K which is low cal and then supplementing with two hard boiled eggs.

No…get a 32oz steak with a bucket of mashed potatoes and top off with a large cheasecake. U guys have way too much time on your hands.

There is no such thing as too many problem questions. I think QBank is less valuable than EOC questions, but if you finish reviewing the material and have time for extra questions, it is well worth it.

For $99, you can access the Boston Society’s online test bank. I plan on using it later on.