Best Source for Practicing Item Set Format after finishing in Topic Area

Hi Guys, I intend to practice from Item Sets after finishing each topic area. For instance, once i finish QM, i would like to practice Item Sets Format questions which are good enough/comparable to actual CFA Exam, but i don’t want to use CFA Past Mock Exam or Schweser Practice source right now since i want to keep them for the later when i plan to write my 1st practice exam in 1 Mar’13 (I plan to prepare myself for L2’s exam as if i will be writing the exam on 1st Mar’13). I would appreciate if you can share the best source for Item set format questions available. I find that no one has covered this area well. Thanks

Guys come on sm1 please write bank

EOC and work blue (black) boxes. You can also try Q banks.


i don’t know why people save the mock exams for 11th hour. don’t do it, don’t even think you can do the mock exams once and go through it once and be able to understand everything. you can do them now and do them again in a month and do them again before the exam!

Honestly you have better chance of passing if you do them more than once, i swear!!!



I hate arrogant people with comments like that because they assume their experience is universally applicable to everyone, and spat out bullshit with confidence and certainties and all in capital letters.

I saved 6 mock exams from schweser for the last month prior to exam and went through them twice and did understand every right and wrong I did.

fyi, I passed both level 1 and 2 at first attempts within 6 months apart between them. So your experience isn’t always right, and keep your voice down, don’t yell with capital letters.

Thanks a lot both of you guys for your feedback :slight_smile: …I was just wondering wont it be better to keep few exams for the end once you are fully prepared…are there any good prep source with vignette style questions close enough for real cfainstitute exam!?

Some candidates want to do the mocks in the last weeks before the actual exam just to see where they stand. For this purpose, I believe it is better to use a pristine mock exam.

If you tried that same mock earlier, even months before, you will always recognize some questions, remember your thinking process and the review of the errors you made. Of course, you can not remember every detail, but I am convinced this will still safe you time and errors on the second try of the mock. Hence, the score on that mock will not be representative of your ability at that time.

NANA’s suggesting using them as a learning tool, not as an assessment tool.

I saved mock exams for the end. CFA’s end of chapter item sets are more than enough to push you forward right now.

Hey, The purpose of doing actual Item set style questions after each topic area is to get used of Item Set format exams once i reach the actual exam, this will make Item Sets an easy beast to deal with since you would have been practicing on this for over 8-9 months. Further, CFAI EOC are not Item Set style questions, the actual item sets are much more detailed. I am surprised none of the prep providers cover this niche requirement, which i believe can be one of the best ways to pass L2. I I hear Finquiz and Financetrain has Qbanks in Item set format, can someone please shed light on them?? Thanks comrades :slight_smile:

Ashakir, perhaps you have not seen all of the EOC’s…the majority of them are item set style.

I ve just finished qm and doing Eco now …so yes maybe I have not i guess …will check now thanks

And because you passed your exams within 6 months apart gave you the right to use this condescending tone?

get off your high horse…

The validity of your comment is completely wiped out by the way you present it. I don’t think your words are any more polite than anyone using capital letters.



Well having ONE new mock exam to go through in the last week may be reasonable, but saving 6 may not. I mean, you can assess your status WAAAAY ahead of time, and if you plan to re-use the exam, the earlier the first attempt, the better.

I agree that you can recognize SOME questions, but you will be surprised how much you actually forget in between readings and exams, and i don’t mean you go through the same mock exam twice within a couple of days or even the same week, space it out and you don’t even need to do all the questions if you haven’t got that far yet.

My point is, mock exam questions are EXTREMELY HELPFUL if you use it right. But doing every mock exam at the last minute will just overwhelm anyone and not actually digest anything.

You are right aactually…I plan to do few topic based item set questions after finishing each subject area…for instance once I finish Eco ill select Eco based item sets from schweser or past paper and solve them to become accustomed to format and test my ability to solve item sets…infact ill do qm n eco together since I have not done this for qm so will do them together…

plus I also recommend that one follows moving average rolling revision kinda concept for instance after finishing 4 chapters ill revise chaper 234 a d consequently after the 5th ill do revision for chaper 345 this way ill keep on revising finished chapters number of times and will retain stuff much much better …any thoughts on this approach?