Best stocks for each biz cycle

Anyone have an easy way to remember these? Basic materials are best towards a peak, etc.

im also gettign stuck on these questions… for the most part i try and think intuitively, but then, is the assumption that we are a contrarian investor or not??? cos personally, i’d buy stocks in a recession…

Posted by: libra_june (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: November 27, 2007 08:33PM Schweser, LOS 61a Recovery: cyclicals, commodities, and commodity-linked equities. Early expansion: stocks in general and real estate. Late expansion: bonds and interest-sensitive stocks. Slowing, entering recession: bonds and interest-sensitive stocks Recession: commodities and stocks.

thanks florinpop

good call. thank you. i was thinking on my ride home from work that i need to get these down tonite.

I just memroize it CC SR B S B S CS

Thanks florinpop…I couldn’t find this in my Stalla books.

I hope they ask this one…cuz I got this nailed. hahaha

I really hope they ask this one.