Best Study Aid

Hey guys, I know that most of you are probably getting ready for the exam in a few days, but I am about to begin my first studies. My question is which study guides are the best ones. I like plenty of practice questions and concise “whats going to be on the exam” type coverage. I also would like some form of audio book if possible. What I want is secondary to the best preparatory program though. I see a company called allen resources that is relatively inexpensive,plus the claim to not charge you if you don’t pass. I am curious about this one since no one seems to use it. Is it good? Please help the noob. Thanks

I’ve seen Allen’s videos, not bad but not as well presented as Shweser’s. Schweser’s QBank would let you drill yourself with tough questions and they include summaries of all their LOS’, plus its online so no shipping delays. So ten days left gives you 240hrs of study time, ten short of the CFAI’s req of 250 but you’ll pass if you try really really hard :slight_smile: Call up your adderall connection and go for it! /sarcasm

HAHA!! - No way - Im not starting studying for the June exam!! I am beginning for the December one!! Thanks though for the vote of confidence… Anyone else have any more info?

does anyone know how to purchase qbank and for how much it goes?

I second the vote for Schweser. Their study notes work very well to go through the material for the first time. Then the Q bank and the sample exams that they sent through the material test in all various aspects of the material to help you figure out where your weak areas are at. I haven’t taken the actual CFA exam yet, so obviously I can’t compare to the real exam, but I feel well prepared with all the concepts (LOS).

pepp - You can get Qbank from Schweser directly but it is pricey, or you can do a search on any metropolitan and find a source for < $50.