Best Study Material CFA Level II


It is probably a question that you have seen several times. What is the best study material for CFA Level II? I was thinking about buying Kaplan Schweser notes. A few questions about it:

  1. Is it ok to buy the 2019 edition?
  2. If that is the case, is there someone selling it? Otherwise, where do you suggest me to buy it?
  3. How many books are out there in the full package? The Kaplan website is surprisingly vague about what is included in the package.
  4. I have heard that the official CFA materials are more exhaustive. Is it recommended to get both?
  5. If that’s the case, again, is 2019 edition ok?

Thanks a lot!

  1. No. CFA curriculum changes every year.
  2. Skip
  3. Here you go: 5 Books for the study notes in each package
  4. Study solely on CFA curriculum is totally sufficient.
  5. No.

Best of luck