Best study material for the series 7

What is the best study material to use for the series 7 and how long did you study before taking the exam. Thank you in advance for your answers.

STC. I studied a month and passed with a score in the 80s. Not too hard at all.


There are several recent threads discussing this. I used Kaplan and their qbank, studied for two weeks and passed with an 80 something. It’s all about doing practice questions. There is very little that you actually need to understand in order to apply it. You don’t need a 97 on the exam but you don’t want to score a 71 either. The subject material is incredibly boring and I had trouble sitting down to study much more so than with the CFA curriculum. Good luck

Do you experienced a lot of questions need calculation, like margin and options topics?

nogiveup Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Do you experienced a lot of questions need > calculation, like margin and options topics? I think there were maybe 2 questions regarding margin/SMA calculations. Pretty basic. The option questions were cake. I didn’t see a single question regarding spreads/strangles/straddles. All I ever had to calculate was the breakeven or profit/loss.

thx Chuckrox8. Are you using STC practice and final exams? Does the actual exam questions close to the STC exams?

I used Kaplan. Studied the first chapter in their review book and then solely used the Qbank they offered which contains ~3,000 questions. I can’t speak from experience about STC but I’ve heard their prep materials are top notch. Focus your study efforts primarily on doing countless practice questions. The 7 is 90% memorization and 10% application. Just crank out those practice questions and tests and you’ll be more than fine.

Some of the STC Qbank problems were nearly verbatim on the actual.

Thank you for your responses. From what I have seen here and on the web, it appears that STC provides the best preparation material.

what are the requirements to sit for the exam?

I used this book and scored 88 after studying for a week: I can’t comment on STC for Series 7, though I thought their Series 63 book was ok.

FundamentalAnalyst Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > what are the requirements to sit for the exam? You just need a FINRA Broker/Dealer to sponsor you.

for those who just took the Series 7 last two weeks, please comment your experience and how to manage to pass the actual exam. I took the STC final exam(Q/A) up to exam 8, but I kept getting a score between 67 and 71%. I knew I can score higher since I was taking them from 10pm to midnight and my eyes were half closed already after doing 50 questions. Any suggestion to improve my score will be helpful? thanks.