Best study materials for level 1?

I’m using this. it’s wiley and from the CFA institute itself. but I read reviews saying it doesn’t have enough practice problems (I’m reading through taking notes first). what are you using and what do you think is best? and why?

You are actually using CFAI curriculum itself (which is a great and probably the best source if you have time to study) and Wiley is just the publisher of those books (not the content creator).

But when it says you are studying with Wiley in your profile it means to say that you have taken the prep course provided by Wiley company. One of these packages of Wiley.

These products of prep company Wiley are different than the one you have listed. These are more concise books and can make your reading faster. Many candidates chose either Kaplan or Wiley to study for the level I. Both of them come with large quiz bank, concise study guides, mock exams and video lectures.

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I loved Mark Meldrum