best study plan for FI

Hi everyone,

I just get to FI, and from what I’ve heard “its tough like hell”… so please is their any tips that could help me making this daunting task less painful ? I wd like if you share your strategies, it could help me a lot to save some time (that I’m short of) to get through FI demon ??

Also, interested I am really struggling with it. Thanks!

You just got to FI, so dont be intimidated just because you have heard its tough. You will find plenty of information on here.

But first carefully read through the FI chapters and take some notes. Spend some time on the blue boxes and solve the end of chapter questions. You will hopefully come out of it with a good understanding of the main concepts.

Thanks a lot RS is there a material that went through FI better than others ?? I spend yesterday trying to understand only section 3 of R22 about single liability immunization, and still I dont feel I got well… I was using finquiz and IFT, today I will try to delve in with curriculum material…

anyone felt more comfortable with a specific material more than the others ?

I struggled in the beginning and did all schweser q banks and end of chapter questions. All of the sudden it made click and now it is even one of my favorite material. My experience was to do many questions and the read the schweser summary and it all start to make sense.

thanks Brimo :slight_smile:

I really recommend doing the CFAI EOC qs for these, they are very comprehensive, both qualitatively and quantitatively!

Additionally, there are two PDFs on the CFA portal for fixed income which have a total of 40questions or so.

Warning, the yield curve strategies PDF is flipping hard!!

But yes, back to my point CFA EOC is a great learning resource for FI.