Best Study Program for a CPA

Hello all,

I am contemplating taking both the CAIA and FRM. I have already purchased the the CAIA material from Wiley. I was hoping I could start studying now for both and take the CAIA level 1 in September and the FRM level 1 in November. I have the following concerns:

1- I am a CPA so my background is purely in accounting / auditing. Anyone has any thoughts on whether the two can be done in the same year? Or should I focus on one at the time and if so which one would you recommend to take first?

2- Do you have any thoughts on which study material would be more beneficial for a newbie for the FRM and the CAIA?

Thank you for your help,


Schweser is considered the gold standard.

You can do both the CAIA and FRM in the same year . There is no problem on their front . Provided you should be able to do that. Secondly , I dont think a backround in CPA would be very much beneficial in that . Hardly It may be 5% common .

CPA would help more with the CFA exams when it comes to the FSA sections.