Best study questions

I’m about to finish the readings as the rest of you are too. Schweser questions seem to be to calculation heavy and not very good on the conceptual questions. Is there some holy grail of question bank that gives us the best indication of the kinds of questions we’ll see on the exam. The 2 mocks and sample exams given by the cfa institute are not enough questions. Where’s the best material? Kind of like the OG guide for the GMAT for those of you that have taken it.

We all struggled with the same question last fall. The short answer is that there isn’t much out there, aside from the CFAI mock and the Boston CFA society mock. The next best thing (and it prepared me reasonably well) is the Schweser practice exam books. I didn’t think the CFAI online sample exam was worthwhile (I didn’t purchase the other two). It does give you a better flavor for the question structure, but that’ about it.