Best Test PREP tool

I will be taking the Level 1 in December, what is the best PREP tool out there? And what option is worth the money i.e. Schweser offers options Premium, Essential, Notes ect. Thanks

Not to be mean, but this is the best thing you can find which will help you decide what others think is the best.

Wandering I did actually search but there was nothing specific about what type of package to get. Most people seem to recommend Schweser.

cfarookie, it just depends on your learning style. i got the essentials and taht was fine. the books plus the digital question bank. i don’t need cd’s, videos, etc…which in my opinion is a waste of time. you have to ask yourself…will you actually learn anything from listening to some guy drone on about revenue recongition for hours on end?? plus, i borrowed the audio cd’s from a friend for schewsser…i fell asleep within 15 minutes. i now use it as a sleeping aid when i have cfa study anxieties… just get the essentials…and if you don’t like doing practice exams (some peopel just cram on the theory with the assumption that if they know the material well enough, they can answer any question) then just get the notes.

I suppose I am feeling nice since I have the day off. Here is a quick search I ran with “Schweser Premium”. I am sure you can find some other threads as well. Schweser Essential Vs. Premium,641021,641971#msg-641971 Schweser Premium Experience,525701,526388#msg-526388 Schweser Packages,580543,580663#msg-580663