Best time to take exam?

I was planning on registering for the Jun 08 exam, but am kind of hesitant since I am still in school. I have 5 more courses to take until I graduate in March, but would like to get a full time job after graduation. Should I hold off until the Dec 08 exam, so I could fine a job or just buckle down and get level one over with in June?

If your degree is relevant to CFA, then June. Otherwise Dec.

It is. I’m getting my bachelors in Finance.

Do you like finance? Do you want to work in the industry? If you answer yes to both, you’re crazy not to take it in June. I wish I would have, I waited a year out of school to sign up.

I took it in June of this year. I graduate this December with a finance major. I read over Schweser two to three days a week for about 1-2 hours a day. Some more some less. There was plenty of time after school was over to really grind out the questions and study hardcore in May. I studied a lot in May and did nothing else. I didn’t take it in December only because the test date was right in the middle of finals. If I read your question right you don’t have that problem. Take it in June.,512048,512048#msg-512048 That was my first post.

Definitely take it sooner rather than later.

Why not hold off? Concentrate on doing well in your classes, interviewing, and having a little fun while you are still in college!

A little more info. I could have graduated in Spring 07, but I decided instead of taking 16 hrs of just biz classes to split it up and take about 12 each semester (needed 12 per semseter to mainting scholarship). Two reasons: to make it easier to study for the CFA and to watch UF destroy teams and drink a lot. Current semester: Financial Management, New Venture Planning, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and Bowling. Yes I get 2 credits and an A for bowling. My team blows though . . . one guy on my team throws the ball straight in the air and hits the lane halfway to the pins, but it goes straight somehow.

Heh, I can understand the guys that say enjoy your last semester of college, but to be quite honest I’ve done enough partying the first few years of college that it actually ended up hurting my grades. As a result of this I also feel that I’m not up to par with most people in my major because I don’t have any significant work experience related to finance.