Best TV Series to watch

This ranking is based specifically on the quality of the writing. GOT wins a lot of awards for costumes, visual effects, acting (eg. Peter Dinklage), etc.

^ GOT looks cool, but the writing is pretty crap IMO. I actually haven’t been able to get into that one despite watching and trying. Really not a fan.

I watched spartacus for one season ,despite the fact that I am a straight male with highly above average testosterone I could not stand the pornography and violence in the series total time waster

I’d like you to expand on why you dislike the writing. I’ve heard a lot of reasons why people can’t get into the show - love the books too much and the show doesn’t do it justice, it’s too hard to folllow, too many houses/places/characters to get emotionally invested in anyone, and, of course, your favorite people tend to die untimely deaths.

All of those I can understand, but I think the writers have done a good job for those willing to invest the time in the series.

Edit: For the record, while I do love the series, it shouldn’t be on any top 10 lists of all time…not yet anyway. And, the books are way, way better.

Alright you haters, you will like this writing better (NSF):

^That’s pretty spot on.

I watched Marco Polo on Netflix over the holiday period and it’s pretty mediocre. Lots of small boobs, unbelievable fighting and the plot is a little jagged.

+1 - My all-time favorite.

#2 would be Two and a Half Men (with Charlie Sheen)

Did the same thing. I really liked the sets and dialogue, but I can’t get over how shitty the actor who plays Marco Polo is. He has no depth of emotion. I feel like he delivers the same acting regardless of the situation. It’s like the difference between blue steel and le tigre.


This made me burst out laughing. Poorly coreographed fight scenes with a bad plot? Meh. But small boobs? So mediocre.

I think the GoT guys have done an awesome job with the show. The books are great, but they can also drag (AFFC) and have poor development in some cases(Essos characters). The show has some great actors - Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Liam Cunningham etc really bring the characters alive…it also has some mediocre actors like Emilia Clarke but hey she looks good.

Someone needed to say that, thank you. And that’s coming from a huge GoT fanboy.

Also, she really looks a lot better as a brunette, having her go platinum blonde is a shortcoming of GoT.

Her main asset is that she has a young looking face. Daenerys is supposed to be like 13 in the books (which makes the explicit sex scenes kind of awkward).


I find it interesting that Seinfeld is so massive in North America but didn’t translate at all elsewhere

i watched a show called Utopia over Xmas. Check it out if you like conspiracy theories and British drama

I change the channel whenever I see Seinfield. I’m more of a Frasier guy.

It never caught on in the black community.

^ Micahel Richards sure didn’t do much to promote the show in syndication either.

i feel Friends and Frasier also wasn’t popular with the black community

You guys are polluting the GoT discussion with discussion about pedestrian crap like Seinfeld and Frasier.