Best TV Series to watch

Its christmas and we have alot of free time (national holiday here too ,but not for christmas :D) I guess we all have finished prison break,lost,breaking bad,I have just started SOA(sons of anarchy)its pretty decent ,It lacks the compund element seen in breaking bad or lost,but its not that bad,by the way Oz is pretty good too,I used to have nightmares after watching oz about getting thrown to prison

Dexter? Entourage? quite old ones but some of the best.

The Blacklist, Scandal


the wire

There were tv shows then there was the wire seasons 1-4

Downton Abbey


+1 to Fargo. Great casting; wish there was more.

House of Cards (US Version) on Netflix is addicting.

Writers Guild of America’s list of best-written TV shows of all time: 1. “The Sopranos” 2. “Seinfeld” 3. “The Twilight Zone” (1959) 4. “All in the Family” 5. “M*A*S*H” 6. “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” 7. “Mad Men” 8. “Cheers” 9. “The Wire” 10. “The West Wing” 11. “The Simpsons” 12. “I Love Lucy” 13. “Breaking Bad” 14. “The Dick Van Dyke Show” 15. “Hill Street Blues” 16. “Arrested Development” 17. “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” 18. “Six Feet Under” 19. “Taxi” 20. “The Larry Sanders Show” 21. “30 Rock” 22. “Friday Night Lights” 23. “Frasier” 24. “Friends” 25. “Saturday Night Live” 26. “The X-Files” 27. “Lost” 28. “ER” 29. “The Cosby Show” 30. “Curb Your Enthusiasm” 31. “The Honeymooners” 32. “Deadwood” 33. “Star Trek” 34. “Modern Family” 35. “Twin Peaks” 36. “NYPD Blue” 37. “The Carol Burnett Show” 38. “Battlestar Galactica” (2005) 39. “Sex & The City” 40. “Game of Thrones” etc etc…

Ha, I forgot all about Battlestar Galactica. That was a great series:

Whats the difference between house of cards versions ?

Game of Thrones #40 on the all-time list, behind the Carol Burnett show? I don’t even know what the Carol show is but let’s try to be serious.

Also, might just be me, but I think Mad Men is the most overrated television show in at least the last decade.

Edit: I just noticed GOT is behind Sex & the City as well, WTFFFFF

Haven’t watched the UK version, but I believe it’s something like The Office. Originated overseas and US revives to attract US crowd. Not sure about the plot differences and what not…

Something seriously needs to be corrected in that list. Friday Night Lights is surprisingly good.

HBO is having a marathon for The Wire. Great show. Would rec House of Cards and Entourage as well.

I would rewatch Seinfeld before anything else. When you have gold, no need to look elsewhere.

Married with children

Walking Dead.

if you haven’t seen these 2 they should be a priority before all the others. Watching something like Fargo or sons of anarchy before them would be like learning gips before knowing how to discount cash flows

GOT isn’t really highly acclaimed, pretty much overlooked by the Emmys and other awards and is never commended for its writing. Probably either the fantasy thing, soap style format or just a victim of its own success.

behind sex and the city and whoever the fuck carol Burnett is is fucking ridiculous though.

never heard of a man enjoying mad men