Best use of Secret Sauce?

Is there a use at this point? Or just better to stick with mock>debrief>repeat (with some EOCs mixed in for review of weak sections).

How many hours does it take to read Secret Sauce (for an average reader)?

I don’t think that I could have passed Level I without Secret Sauce. For Level II, I think it offers such a 30,000-foot in the air coverage that it doesn’t have much value. I can read an entire topic in SS and still not know how to do the first EOC I attempt. … Hello, 2016 Level II?

I should add that my understanding of certain topics is very limited ie 30,000 foot in the air coverage may help.

But maybe opting for mocks is better still?

I have the 11th Hour Guide (similar product), and I originally read the official curriculum and did EOCs. Now, I’ve found it helpful to read the guide for a full topic (FRA, let’s say) and attempt the online CFAI FRA questions. For me, it’s been working pretty well as a refresher.

Do you work for Wiley or something? devil

Seriously though - I just bought Secret Sauce in the beginning and I’m going to use it towards the end for a general re-cap, if anything just to get my money’s worth.

BagItTagIt - I switched from SS to Wiley 11th Hour. If you don’t have SS and were considering buying it, I would recommend Wiley 11th Hour instead. For starters, it less expensive & more comprehensive. It has a nice balance of what/why which has helped me better understand and remember the material. I’ve been referring to it almost exclusively this past month + doing questions. If I don’t pass, it’s not because 11th Hour was lame. If you have SS and are wondering if you should fit it in, I’d skip it and just do mocks. My opinion, only, of course.

someone just posted this on another conversation:

Better still, you can buy the Book from the wiley website itself for $42.50. Just use coupon codes “VAN” AND “CFA10” for a total discount of $32.50.

Had bought it for December Level 1 and felt that it was worth it so i bought it for this year too.

Thanks. Have SS already. I’ll probably just do mocks, maybe give FRA a once over in SS before the 6th.

I’m using the secret sauce to jog my memories on some of the major topics in each section. It’s not good for drilling down, but helps to cover the major points that will likely be on the test. Definitely not a substitute for mocks, but maybe you can use it to refresh a concept you don’t remember from the mocks.

Thanks @ulanky I’ll check it out. I’m committed to mocks but I could see myself picking up a couple pts on the exam bc skimmed SS