Best use of time Friday before exam?

Assuming you have the entire day off, what would be a good use of time among the suggestions below?

  • Don’t study, period.

  • Study only in the morning.

  • Study, but don’t do any problems, just do some light reading.

  • Study, just watch Schweser (or Elan) videos.

I get the idea… you don’t want to tire yourself out the last day before the exam but you still want to absorb as much info at the last minute as possible.

What else you suggest?

I will study my butt off, however thats indicative of where I am in my studies. I remember for level 1 In Decemeber, I took both Thursday and Friday off, Studied for about 2 hours on Friday, and hit the brick wall. Felt I wan’t learning anything new, so just chilled for the rest of the day.

This time around, I dont have Friday off. I feel like I have so much more to lear, thus I would go over my notes and questions I got wrong in the mock.

Go through summaries at the end of the readings. There is actually quite a bit there you can catch for the easy points on the exam.

Skim lists, skim Ethics, get rested.

My passing strategy for level 1

study till noon have lunch with someone

2-5 watch some mindless tv

6pm hit the gym/ run for 5 miles

8 order one large pizza + 2 pints of beer

in bed by 11 and passed the F out.

I’m just going to say prayers in every different religion I can find through google. I’m bound to get someone listenting lol.

*don’t mean to offend anyone

Elam formulasheet+ ETHICS

Last year I took half of a mock exam on Friday and then totally chilled. This time I’m probably going to do something similar.

One of the most important things about performing on the exam is to have maximal focus, and if you are studying into the evening you’ll just shoot down your chances to be focused the next morning.

Its inevitable if you keep studying you’ll suddenly stumble on something you either forgot or didn’t understand, and then an overall panic can set in. With so little time to go your chances of improving at that point are small. You have to have confidence in yourself.

well said!

I hope to study in the morning (quick skim of my notes), and relax in afternoon/evening

Why waste time, I’ll be studying right until around 10pm Friday night. Going to wake up early on Saturday and recite a good handful of my formula sheet, i work better when things are fresh in my mind.

Anyone else?

Relaxing at the pool. Having a beer around dinner time. Packing my things for the morning. Setting multiple alarms.

i make about 150~ notes

so i just read through before sleep

and before go to test read the Quick sheet

Last year i got 4~5 point by read fomular before go to testing room

this, minus the beer until Saturday night plus writing formulas on my whiteboard.