Best User ID's - JTMarlin has my vote

just saw this great name, had to start a thread about it CFABlackBelt is a close second

…gets my vote too! :slight_smile: On a serious note, i’ve always liked Joey De Vivre (sounds like a cross between an intellectual frenchman and a mafia hitman)


JTMarlin has my vote. I jst about died when I saw it. I have that movie downloaded on my computer and watch it all the time. My favorite part is the opening monologue. “There’s no honor in taking that after school job… Honor’s in the dollar kid.”

artvandalay’s got a nice ring to it

cjones65 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > artvandalay’s got a nice ring to it seinfeld reference, love it.

cfawannabe, because that’s the nickname i originally tried to register

jtmarlin all the way… nicely done