Best valuation source

After spending considerable time looking for a career opportunity in HF, VC, PE, and ER, I realized that what all these jobs have in common (and what I do not have) is the requirement for “valuation and financial modeling skills”. I am now determined to acquire these skills, but do not know the best source to learn from. Other than WS Training, DealMaven, can anyone recommend some good free online sources. Thanks,

you can start with one of those self-study programs and then take a few classes. There are a few books out there that also provide the basics for financial modeling. once you get the basics, you can start putting your own models together. take small companies first as their Financial Statements are not that complex.

A great source of free financial models is: This is the web site of an NYU professor with a bunch of free excel models including company valuations that can be “reverse engineered” to get a feel for financial modeling.