Best Value Elan Products

So looking at past reviews and their product descriptions, instead of going for the whole premium package about (1200+) , I am going with some individual product.

  • Videos

  • 11 hour guide

  • Practice problems

  • Test Banks (although not sure the differences between practice problems and test banks here)

Can someone share their experiences of using this? Thanks much!

Studying for level 1 for December 2015 and have went through a good part of the material.

My experience (thus far) is consistent with reviews I read in 2014/early 2015 of Elan materials:

  • Lecture Videos: excellent but would need to be viewed at the same time as the study guides. This will help you focus on taking notes as you go along with the videos and to be better able to follow the videos. I would not recommend not getting the guides and only getting the videos… I believe you would waste time.

  • 11th hour guide: so far I’ve used the guide to review material which I have went over. So far so good and I think will come more in handy as we get closer to the fall months/closer to the exam.

  • Practice problems: I haven’t used the online ones yet but have used the ones that accompany the readings. So far, they are excellent. There are a lot of practice problems and my experience so far has put them at the same or more difficult (but still reasonable) level as compared to CFAI EOCs. I believe the combination of CFAI EOC + Elan/Wiley practice problems for each reading are a must and really reinforce concepts.

  • Test Banks: have not used these as of yet

I know with the premium course you have access to 3 mock exams (which again, from what I read it’s important to do mock exams to help you pass). I just looked on the site and it looks like you may want a combination of (possibly) the silver course and the 11th hour review course (but that price is not much less than the platinum course)