Best way to approach ethics?

I dont want to read it too early cause then i’ll prob forget most of it by June. So should I take notes, or not bother with notes and just read it twice and answer questions?

1st read through was November, currently rereading and will likely do another reread in May. No notes. Then just doing lots of problems - just like all the other topics.

Read and review ethics every third thursday of the month is my strategy.

Read CFA text and highlight the gist each standard’s interpretation, examples and recommended precedures to follow - this way review will be really easy. Thats for studying the concepts. You have to be really doing questions if you want to nail ethics. Learning concepts is one thing - cracking ethics vignettes is another - needs a lot of practice.

be ethical

When I want to study something light, I approach Ethics. Then, yes no doubt practice is the key. I don’t remember reading really thoroughly for Ethics in L1 but yes I practiced alot and scored over 70%.