Best way to do maths in computer based test?

I am finding it difficult to understand how to best tackle the mathematical aspects of the long response questions.

Is it best to write down the formulas on a piece of paper and then substitute the numbers to the formula on the screen of the computer?

For example for the blended tax approach

wartr = riti + rdtd + rrcgtrcg
= r(1-wartr)

T*=tcg(portion of deferred cap gains/(1-wartr))

FVFAT = ((1+r*)^n)(1-T) + T* - (1-B)tcg

the above on paper and then plug the numbers in on the computer screen?

is this the best way?

the formula appears incorrect on the output as it is missing the * mark in places but i trust u get the idea

Don’t waste time writing the formula. The graders know the formula. Just write in the numbers.

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I tended to write out the equation: I found the “muscle memory” helped and it was nice to have the reference for substituting numbers for variables. :man_shrugging:

But you did that on a paper answer sheet.

It’s much more time consuming on a computer screen.

True dat. I am not sure how I would function in a CBT environment.