Best way to improve ethics score aside from answering 1000 questions?

Consistently scoring between 55-70% on the Ethics portion and I think I could significantly boost my total score if I can bring this up to a consistent 80%.

Should I just keep answering Ethics questions and memorizing all the specific scenarios? Would re-reading the ethics section on the CFA book still help at this point?

Re-reading the CFAI books would help. My plan is to re-read the book this week.,take the CFAI mock C on Saturday and see if I improved. Next week I will read the Schweser ethics book for review.


Mark Meldrum videos on 1.5x speed every night while walking my dogs helped me a lot!

I say just hit the question bank. I did literally every single Schweser qBank ethics question and scored 100% on one of my mocks, and I ended up over 90% in the real thing, which allowed me some breathing room on my weaker topics. Ethics is a topic where there is a certain amount where you just have to remember stuff, but a lot of it is applying rules to situations, which means the only way is through practice and recognizing patterns. It’s not a case of just reading the material over and over again. Eventually you’ll just get a feel for it based off repetition.

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Oh, the irony!


A great strategy that can work for some people:

  1. Pick the choice you think is the answer.

  2. Cross that choice off the list

  3. Now randomly pick between the two remaining choices

Sometimes having a little knowledge in a topic area is your worst enemy.