Best way to learn spanish?

I want to learn Spanish to be able to go down to Puerto Vallarta and marry a gorgous latina to help progress me in my sales role.

I have a $5k budget (that my company probably wants me to spend on things like CAIA/CMT/CPA etc. . .) and I think I can convince my boss to let me use that for classes and what not.

Have no idea on how to figure this one out though.

That’s actually a really good idea…

The best way to learn Spanish quickly is to be held hostage by a gang of Spanish-speaking thugs who pummel you every time they cannot understand what you say.

Or so I’m told.

Maybe Rosetta Stone for starters. Once you’re comfortable you’ll have to go full immersion for a few months to really be comfortable. By that, I mean all media (music, radio, video) in Spanish only for a few months. Also wouldn’t hurt to listen to some earnings calls to become comfortable with the business side of Spanish. Doing all of that you could be probably pretty good in like 6 months if you were fully applied to it.

I could get down with spanish music.

I’ll give Kevin Hart a call.

I started dancing salsa and bachata and basically only listen to Spanish music now (and 80’s). I kept downloading and was surprised that 25% of my songs on my iPod are Spanish.

Also podcasts. I listen to Coffee Break Spanish.

Do Michel Tomas. After that do duolingo or something else for vocabulary. Had a buddy go from 0 to 5 dates entirely in Spanish in a month using this method. After Michel Tomas do a ton of immersion. Talk to the Hispanics at the taco stand and whatever

Try duolingo. I find their exercises really helpful.

$5k will buy a lot of Tex-Mex. Seriously.

I took 3 years of Spanish in high school. I wasn’t fluent until I began frequenting a Mexican restaurant in college and befriended some of the staff. Went there twice a week for years.

I moved away and lost contact with mi amigos ~6 years ago, but I can still hold a decent conversation about generic topics.

Que dices puta?

if you are looking for love, you just need 1 semester of spanish love songs:

The Water Cooler won’t stand for this sort of trolling. I’m going to have to report you to…

For what sort of trolling _ will _ the Water Cooler stand, exactly?

I ask out of only academic interest, naturally.

You can do it in 3 easy steps,

  1. get a spanish speaking girlfriend

  2. get a second spanish speaking girlfriend, but from a different spanish speaking country

  3. get some spanish lessons.

There’s actually an app for that!