Best way to memorise equations

I was just wondering what everyone thought the best method for memorising equations is.

I am well aware that not all of them have to be memorised (some of them only need to be understood), but for the ones that do need to be memorised what is your preferred way? Writing them out over and over again? Practicing questions which require them over and over again? What do you feel is the best method?

Obviously this is something that is subject to the individual (everyone learns in different ways), but I just thought i’d ask because it may give us other ways to go about it and succeed if we all shared our methods.

Copy the equations from quicksheet to home-made flashcards. Review the flashcards until you’ve mastered them.

Do all the EOC questions and get a set of practice questions from a provider. By the end of it you’ll remember most of them.

And then there’s always:

make flashcards. every night for 30 minutes read them over ,and write them down in ur notebook until you got them memorized.

Do a stack of practice exams. Once you’ve done a few of these, you’ll find you won’t need to memorise many formulas at all… the ones that you do need to memorise could go on flashcards that can be used to eliminate awkward elevator rides, time when people show up late to meetings, and when you’re waiting for your takeaways. I laminated a bunch of stuff I thought I’d have difficulty remembering and stuck it to the walls of the shower… it’s working a treat!

Wow! Now that’s dedication! Do you sometimes end up taking 40 minute showers because your so imersed in your studying? haha