Best way to memorize needed formulas for level 1

So I was wondering if I should search for flashcards online, buy them, create my own, just focus on practice questions to sharpen my formulas, memorize them out of the back of the schweser notes books, or an other ideas?

Is everyone choosing to memorize all the formulas or just know how to do practice questions?

Anyone studying flashcards for formulas?


When I was studying for the Level I exam (ages ago!), I found the best way to memorize the material (formulae, whatever) was to write out the information on 3 × 5 cards, then . . . throw them away. Then write out the info again, then throw them away (to avoid my wife getting angry about the clutter). Then write out the info again, then throw them away. For me, at least, the act of writing the material down three or four times is what stuck it in my memory.

Best of luck!