Best way to prepare for AM part


I should start practising questions in a few weeks and I’m wondering what is the best way to practice AM questions.

What is the best source to see the type of answer which is expected and understand how to grade my answer reasonably ?

I’m usually too lazy to answer EOC questions which are non quant (“give a number”) or A/B/C type and just skim through the answer.

Are the Schweser practice exams and CFA mock exams good ?

EOC and CFA past AM Exams. Enough said

Marc LeFebvre (the guy who runs LevelUp bootcaps) said in his preparation material that a significant portion of the AM questions come directly from the blue boxes in the text (I can’t find the number but I think it was around half). In his opinion EOC questions aren’t enough and he stresses that we should review the blue boxes a lot.

I went over the blue boxes before beginning practice exams and I’ll probably give them one more pass right before the exam.

Spork - Thanks for the tip.

Yep, it was 13 of 38 questions on the 2014 AM exam. Definitely need to hit the Blue Boxes at least once.

Wow, that’s an insane number of questions that come directly from the blue boxes within the CFAI text. I’ll plan on finishing all of those blue boxes and reviewing them at least once to ensure I have a really good idea of what they’re getting at. Thanks for sharing!