Best way to prepare for CAIA Level 1?

Hello everyone!

Just got the CAIA curriculum for the level 1 exam in the Spring. What’s the best way to prepare for it? Is studying from the official curriculum enough? I will be taking extensive notes and I aim to finish studying for the level 1 before December 10th (personal target).

I will be studying many hours (8+ hours) every day as I am on sabbatical.

Looking forward to your valuable input, thanks!


Yes, for level 1 the official curriculum is enough. And you have plenty of time so just go through it thoroughly and you shouldn’t have any problems.

The only other thing you could consider getting is the Uppermark Testbank. It is definitely useful for reinforcing the concepts and it comes in handy when you are sick of re-reading the books.

Hope this helps.

Hi Che24

Thanks for your reply, much appreciated!

I studied about 6 weeks for this exam, using only schweser, thats all you really need.

^ Listen to the words of wisdom.