Best way to review ethics

Whats the best way to “review ethics”?

Any summaries or anything specific to go over? No chance im re-reading that entire book again

Just lightly read the examples in the book, and rest well for tomorrow.

The more I review Ethics, the worse I do. I’m serious. At L1 and L2 my Ethics scores at the beginning of my mocks were always high. As I start to hit the curriculum harder, I end up overthinking the problems and go against my first instinct more often. So for me personally? The best way to review Ethics is to review… literally anything else.

The best way to review ethics is to set fire to the ethics book and then go and have a beer. It’s complete b*ll*cks.

For an Ethics question I can’t figure out, I eliminate the obvious one, then go for 50/50.

Works like a charm sometimes. Do not try this on my advice.

I’ve had to employ this before when I’ve forgotten some key details and the answer choices are as follows:

Which is the best way to comply with the code and standards?

A) good in most scenarios, but you don’t recognize why it’s not good in this case


C) Candidate X should allow his family to front run all of the clients, covering any losses with the other clients’ accounts, and deceptively destroying all records of anything

…Clearly, we can eliminate C, but A looks really good, unless you see the one detail that matters…