Best way to review practice exams.

This might seem like an odd question. I took my first practice exam and did not score great. I noticed after reviewing questions details start to come back to me. What I have been doing is making note cards covering the questions I got wrong, explaining why the answer is correct as well as working out the problem (if there is math involved). Do you guys agree with this strategy?

Any advice will be appreciated.

Can’t go wrong with that strategy. I also use practice tests as a learning tool rather than a scoring gauge. The more mistakes I make the more reasons I have to review specific curriculum areas.

Best thing is when same mistake is done twice so a pattern emerges.

You would need many practice tests though to cover most of the curriculum.

Thanks for the positive feedback, I reviewed my first mock exam today and I can already see I made some dumb errors. I plan on stick with this strategy after each Mock exam. Reviewing note cards from the topics I got wrong, hope this helps me pass this thing in June! :slight_smile:

I read through the exam write down any points I completely missed from the books and re do the same exam after I finish the next one just so I make sure I understood my mistakes and didnt just memorize the answers