Best way to revise derivatives?

Derivatives isnt my strongest subject and i’d like to revise it in the best way possible. The CFAI blue box questions are just just too basic and i find the questions in mocks and TTs significantly harder.

What is the best way to revise the subject?

EOC questions are a bit better, but we don’t have too many of them.

I also made flash cards and looking at them from time to time hoping to retain as much as possible.

I have 1 thing on each card, for the different strategies, bull call spread, collar, etc, plus listed together stuff about what increases/decreases duration, formula to value fwd, futures.

Thanks, Moosey. I think then i’ll just give EOC a second try

For me it’s a mixture of EOC, BBs, and flashcards.

Derivatives dont have much formulas ( comparing to FRA for example) but strategies using derivatives are a lot.

The best method is do exercises you have as many as possible to get skills.